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Oliver Hill Scholars Program

The Oliver Hill Scholars Program, named after Civil Rights icon Oliver Hill, Sr., is an additional offering within the Richmond Scholars Program, and Richmond Scholars of any background are welcome to apply. Oliver Hill Scholars are academically accomplished, intellectually curious students who are interested in building a community of learners within a multicultural environment.   During the academic year, Oliver Hill Scholars participate in engaging and culturally stimulating activities, some of which revolve around the African-American community. Oliver Hill Scholars routinely share their experiences in an open and accepting environment, participating in a seminar series and other programs that meet throughout the year. A trip off-campus every fall is also a part of the program. Each Oliver Hill Scholar is awarded $1,000 annually, in addition to the Richmond Scholar award, to enrich his or her college experience.

Admission to the program is limited to those selected to be Richmond Scholars. For more information regarding the program, visit the website or contact Dr. Tina Cade, program director, via email or by telephone at (804) 289-8032.