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Stipend FAQ

What are some of the ways that I could use my Richmond Scholars stipend?
The scholar stipend can be used for a variety of educational activities. Scholars have used it for costs associated with study abroad (including the opportunity to travel before or after the semester abroad), to help with costs incurred during a summer internship (though one could not use the RS stipend at the same time as using the Richmond Guarantee), or even costs associated with summer school. Take time to think through how you could use the stipend – talk with your RS faculty mentor, Dr. Cable, or others in the Office of Scholars and Fellowships, to see how you could expand your thinking so to use this opportunity wisely.
Am I able to access the stipend monies more than once?
The stipend can be accessed one time for an educational experience. If you do not use the full amount of the stipend when submit your request, you cannot access the remaining monies at a later time.
Can I use the stipend for the purchase of a new laptop?
Yes, the stipend can be used to purchase a new computer only when the computer is intended to be used primarily for University research already underway; in this case approval from the faculty member with whom you are conducting the research is also required.
How do I prepare my scholars stipend budget?
All scholar stipend budgets need to be created in Excel. Whenever possible, exact amounts, not estimates, are required for all budget items. Please include links when listing pricing, where appropriate.
Can I use my stipend for graduate school applications?
Yes, but only up to $500. If you wish to do this, you must submit your stipend request by February 1 (for graduating seniors).
I am a graduating senior. Can I use my stipend after graduation?
No, however stipend requests from graduating seniors will be considered if the intended use is to complete research already begun with a University of Richmond faculty member. If you are graduating in May, your stipend request will not be accepted if submitted after February 1.
How long does it take for me to receive a check, once my stipend request has been submitted?
Once your stipend request has been approved, a check request will be sent to Accounts Payable. It usually takes between 4 and 5 weeks before you will receive your check (or have the funds directly deposited into your student account).
Are there any restrictions for international students when accessing the stipend?
No, international students may access the stipend the same way as domestic students. However, the stipend could be added to your taxable income, and taxed at a rate of 14% for individuals in F, M, J, or Q Visa status. Please note: you may not use any portion of your stipend to cover taxes incurred through the receipt of your stipend. If you have any questions about this, please contact Devon Slough, International Taxation Analyst, at
Can I use my stipend to purchase a ticket to fly home?