Richmond Scholars Semifinalists

Congratulations on being named a Richmond Scholars semifinalist. As a semifinalist, you have the opportunity to apply for up to two Richmond Scholar designations. Please review the semifinalist application process and consider the submission guidelines as you prepare your applications.

Application Process
General Information
  1. Please choose up to two designations in which to compete.
  2. Send in the remaining documents needed for each designation.
  3. Once your submission has been received and processed, you may check the status via BannerWeb.
  4. Finalists will be notified by email regarding the required scholarship interview. Interviews will be offered February 28-March 4, 2016.

Additional information about the Richmond Scholars selection process is available.

All submissions should include the student’s name, University ID on essays and graded papers, and the name of the appropriate designation category (i.e., Oldham Scholars, Boatwright Scholars, etc.). All submissions should be written in English.

Stated length of replies are offered as guidelines; you may exceed the limit somewhat if necessary. The committee appreciates both clarity and brevity.

The deadline for your submission is listed in your notification email.

Electronic submissions are preferred; however submissions may also be made by mail or fax. Please do not submit multiple copies.

You may apply for up to two designations.

Students who are chosen as finalists may consider applying to be an Oliver Hill Scholar. More information will be sent about the application process to finalists.

Boatwright Scholars

Up to 20 Richmond Scholars will be designated as Boatwright Scholars and receive full tuition. Through a range of majors and concentrations, Boatwright Scholars are distinguished by their commitment, both individually and collectively, to strengthen and broaden the intellectual life of our campus. The award is open to students interested in any field of study and is based on a combination of academic achievement and personal qualities.


Submit a copy of a graded paper of no more than ten pages, written in English, from a class taken in either the 11th or 12th grade that includes the teacher’s comments. A scanned version submitted electronically is preferable to a fax. If a paper is not available in English, we ask for a graded paper in the original language, with an accompanying translation in English, completed by the applicant.

Email submissions to

Oldham Scholars

Up to seven Richmond Scholars will be designated as Oldham Scholars, and their award will equal the value of full tuition plus room and board. Over four years, the value of the scholarship for a student designated as an Oldham Scholar will exceed $225,000. Since 1983, the generosity of the late alumnus Mr. W. Dortch Oldham and his wife, Sis, has enabled the University to award such scholarships to those incoming students who exemplify the highest scholarship, personal integrity, and potential for leadership.


Identify a contemporary issue or problem that has concerned you to the point of getting involved. What has been the nature of your involvement to date? Why is this issue or problem important to you? Please limit your response to a single page.

Email submissions to

Science Scholars

Up to 12 Richmond Scholars demonstrating passion and excellence in scientific research and discovery in the sciences, mathematics, and computer science will be designated as Science Scholars. Up to four of these will receive tuition, room and board. The remainder will receive full tuition. All Science Scholars must major in the sciences and exhibit a strong potential for the successful pursuit of a career in science, math, or computer science.


Provide a summary one to three pages of a recent extracurricular project (outside of your classes), scientific experiment, academic competition, or computer program related to your academic area of interest that reveals evidence of your scholarly potential and passion in that area. If you have not already done so, be sure to include a recommendation letter from a math/science teacher or mentor in order to complete your application for the Science designation.

Email submissions to

Artist Scholars

Up to six Richmond Scholars with extraordinary talent and who will major or minor in the visual or performing arts are awarded a full-tuition scholarship and are paired with arts faculty mentors to maximize opportunities to develop students' talents. 

Status Check

You may check the status of your submission once it has been received and processed at

To log in, you will need your UR ID (found in your notification email) and your PIN, which is your six-digit birthdate (MMDDYY).

If you have questions about the Richmond Scholars process, please contact us.

Office of Admission
University of Richmond
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

(800) 700-1662, ext. 2
(804) 289-8644