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Kathryn Reda

headshotHometown: Middletown, New Jersey

Majors: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Leadership Studies

Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn Reda and I am a sophomore at UR. The Scholar family fosters a special sense of community and this program has played an influential role in my colligate experience. We are a unique group of students coming from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse set of interests. However, we all share a deep sense of motivation and desire to insight meaningful change. My favorite part about UR is the small classroom size which allows you to build meaningful connections with each of your professors.

Beyond being a Scholar’s Ambassador, I am also a member of our service fraternity (APO), hold a Senate position on the Jepson Student Government Association, and do research on mitochondrial dynamics with Dr. Omar Quintero. In my free time, I love to cook, run, and hike. My favorite place on campus is definitely the lake! It is such a peaceful place to take a study break and destress. Please feel free to reach out to me regarding any question you may have about UR as I would be happy to speak with you!