Richmond Scholars Program

Richmond Scholars Program

Richmond Scholars receive the University’s most prestigious academic merit award, equal to full tuition plus room and board. Scholars are defined by academic achievement, engaged leadership, strong sense of purpose, and investment in a diverse and inclusive campus community.

The goals of the Richmond Scholars program are to bring engaged, high-achieving students to campus and to retain those students through strong mentorship and programming. The program values learning as part of a small, multi-disciplinary community and aims to assist future leaders as they begin to define and polish their personal and professional goals.


Scholar Happenings

  • Justin Butler in Richard III
  • Scholars Socially Distancing
  • Activism for Change Award - Lauren Stenson and Emma Johnson
  • Escape Room RVA_Spring 2020
  • USPAA Conference_Kathryn Reda and Acacia Wyckoff
  • First Year Retreat Scavenger Hunt_Kathryn Narmeen Megan Valentina
  • SharpSeries_111219-0082
  • HarryDangandNicolasFerree2023-1788
  • Sharp_Vargas_11142017_008
  • Sharp_Vargas_11142017_088
  • Helen and Yagmur - paint & plant event