Richmond Scholars Program

Richmond Scholars Program

Richmond Scholars receive the University’s most prestigious academic merit award, equal to full tuition plus food and housing. Scholars are defined by academic achievement, engaged leadership, strong sense of purpose, and investment in a diverse and inclusive campus community.

The goals of the Richmond Scholars program are to bring engaged, high-achieving students to campus and to retain those students through strong mentorship and programming. The program values learning as part of a small, multi-disciplinary community and aims to assist future leaders as they begin to define and polish their personal and professional goals.

Important Announcement

All Richmond Scholar finalists have been notified for the incoming Class of 2028.

Scholar Activities

  • Scholar Paint Night
    Ahona and Sarah at Scholars paint night
  • Seniors at 2024 Scholar Prom
    Seniors at 2024 Scholar Prom
  • Juniors at 2024 Scholar Prom
    Juniors at 2024 Scholar Prom
  • Staff
    Manny, Ethan, Dr. Knouse, Dana, and Kheli at 2024 Scholars Prom
  • Pete
    Scholars Karthik and Will meet Pete Buttigieg
  • Totes and Tacos
    Totes and Tacos end of semester fun!
  • Photos for Scholars Homepage - 5
    S'mores and fireworks at the fall 2023 Pumpkin Patch trip
  • IMG_1203
    Pumpkin Patch 2023
  • 2023 Senior Trip Photo
    Class of 2024 Senior Trip to NYC
  • Game Night
    Fall 2023 Family Game Night
  • Game Night
    Fall 2023 Family Game Night
  • Photos for Scholars Homepage - First Year Retreat
    Class of 2027 First Year Retreat
  • Photos for Scholars Homepage - Welcome Back Dinner
    Welcome Dinner 2023
  • axe-throwing-group-2023
    Axe Throwing Excursion 2023
  • scholar-smores
    First year scholars Ashley and Christian take a finals break to roast s’mores in the Scholar Lounge.
  • prom-2023
    Richmond Scholars Prom 2023
  • richmond-scholars-friendsgiving
    Scholar Friendsgiving
  • richmond-scholars-pumpkin-patch
  • class-of-2023-senior-trip-nyc
    Class of 2023 Senior Trip to NYC
  • class-of-2026-retreat
    Class of 2026 retreat
  • class-of-2024-0000-retreat
    Class of 2024 retreat in downtown Richmond, VA
  • class-of-2025-retreat
    Class of 2025 retreat in downtown Richmond, VA
  • fall-study-break-2022
    Scholars take a study break before fall 2022 finals
  • friendsgiving-2022
    Scholars Friendsgiving 2022
  • pumpkin-patch-2022
    Pumpkin Patch 2022
  • richmond-scholars-prom
    Scholar Prom!
  • richmond-scholars-prom-dance-floor
    Dancing the night away at the Scholar Prom
  • class-of-2022-senior-trip
    Class of 2022 Senior Trip to Chicago
  • presidential-inauguration-2022
    OSF staff and scholars at President Hallock’s inauguration
  • richmond-scholars-welcome-dinner-2022
    Scholars at the 2022 Welcome Dinner
  • scholar-welcome-dinner
    Scholars and Dr. Knouse enjoy each other’s company at the Welcome Dinner.
  • scholar-welcome-dinner-2
    Scholars get to know President and Tina Hallock at the Welcome Dinner.
  • scholars-in-scapino
    First-year scholars Adi, Doro, Sanjna, and Ben in UR’s production of Scapino. Bravi!
  • senior-celebration-2023-2
    Senior Celebration 2023
  • study-break-spring-2023
    Scholars enjoyed delicious donuts and other refreshments during the Study Break right before finals week
  • richmond-scholars-perfect-arrangement
    Scholars Adi, Doro, Evelyn, and Ben star in the student-led production of Perfect Arrangement. Bravo!