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About the Program

All applicants for admission who apply by December 1 are automatically considered for the Richmond Scholars Program. The University's most prestigious academic awards, these scholarships are given to 25 incoming students and include full tuition plus room and board. 

Program Benefits

The Richmond Scholars Program includes these benefits:

  • Full-tuition, room and board scholarship, renewable for up to eight consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment, valued at approximately $259,920 over four years
  • Eligibility for a one-time $3,000 grant to support a student-selected activity that enhances the academic experience
  • Priority course registration and guaranteed on-campus housing
  • Specially selected faculty mentors to guide students and help them fulfill their potential
  • Special ticket vouchers to selected cultural events in the Modlin Center for the Arts

Scholar Qualities

Regardless of designation, all Richmond Scholars demonstrate one or more of the following qualities:

  • Outstanding and engaged scholarship
  • Desire to be at the forefront in the creation and discovery of new knowledge
  • Leadership skills
  • Desire to be a leader in service to society
  • Broad worldview
  • Excitement about learning from people who are different from themselves in a diverse community of scholars
  • Recognition of the importance of personal integrity and ethical decision making
  • Enthusiastic pursuit of self-improvement
  • Desire to make the most of opportunities presented
  • Exceptional talent in artistic expression

In the past, the University has offered other Richmond Scholar designations, so there are many alumni who attended the University of Richmond under designations such as Boatwright, CIGNA, Ethyl, and Oliver Hill and belong to the ever-growing network of Richmond Scholars around the world. 

Merit Scholarships

To review the range of merit awards offered to students at the University of Richmond please visit our merit awards site.